Snow Shoeing in Riksgränsen Ski Resort, Kiruna, Sweden

Resort Snow Depth:
138 cm/54 in
Night tours:
Available after March 26
Riksgransen ski resort is located in Kiruna Municipality, Lappland, Sweden. The spot is located at 200 km/124 mi in the north of the Arctic Circle and in the vicinity of the Norwegian borders. The spot is considered to be the ultimate destination for snow fans since the spot is Sweden's longest snow covered location.

Riksgränsen is Sweden’s most legendary ski resort with lifts operating from February to midsummer.Visit the spot on May, a period of the year where sun almost never set down and enjoy snow shoeing under the midnight sun all day long! March and April are considered to be months of high season period. The temperature until May is very low often reaching at -20°C/-4°F (January and February).

Snowshoe until the Björkliden ski resort, a 30 km/ 18.6 mi long easy trip, where you can stop for a coffee or slide on its slopes. You can also snow shoe across Vassijaure lake, about a 6 km/3.7 mi long trail.

Experience Kiruna’s beautiful views during an unforgettable winter journey. Take tours with the feeling of being alone in the winter setting with the guide explaining you about the area’s nature and indicating you the best trails to follow. You can snow shoe inside the resort, but the Scandinavian wilderness is wide open for tours around Riksgränsen area.

After March, there are also snowshoe tours at night. There are snowshoe tours from the resort every Monday and Friday. You can move across the pistes on 6 ski lifts, with Nordalsliften being the longest one (1350 m/4429 ft) and a vertical drop of 300 m/984 ft. Riksgransen resort offers also many services, like training schools for avalanche, cafe and restaurant, medical facilities and resting areas.