Snow Kiting in Cortina d’ Ampezzo, Belluno, Veneto Italy

Passo Tonale:
January 2013- National Snowkite Championship
During the recent years, snow kiting attracts many fans among the snow sports. In Cortina d’ Ampezzo, in Veneto region, in the foothills of Dolomites mountains, this new trend has offered a different version, the kite surfing on the icy waters of the alpine lakes. In Passo Resia, the artificial lake Resia with its 6.6 km/4.1 mi long of surface is an ideal terrain for landing and sliding on the ice.

The superb wind condition is one more reason why Resia Lake has been established as a regular meeting point among  kite surfers from all over Europe. In Resia Lake, the Snow kite World Cup competition is held every year with participants from all over the international kite panorama.

"Snowkiting at Resia Lake"Resia Lake becomes very often the home town of the National  Snow kite Championship, which takes place usually in January. The best location for practice is the zone between Resia Lake and San Valentino Lake on the south.