Snowboarding in Bjorkliden, Kiruna, Sweden

Vertical drop:
538 m / 1765 ft
Highest altitude:
Pajep Kappastjakka at 1410 m / 4626 ft
Ski lifts:
Total area:
15km / 9mi
Bjorkliden lies at 250 km / 155 mi inside the Arctic Circle. It's one of the world's northernmost ski resort where modern ski has been born.

There are endless possibilities and many challenges in the resort and nearby area for the extreme snowboarders. At Bjorkliden Fjallby ski resort, there are 25 pistes, 4 of them being black and 2 green. Beside the marked pistes, the area is perfect for snowboarding on unmarked trails and slopes of the snowy mountains. The lowest temperature reaches -5°C/23°F at February.

A nice and easy piste is the Teknikbacken, where night boarding is possible. For the experienced ones, there are the Tunnel and the Malmbana trails on unmarked area into the Bjorkliden wilderness.

You can move among the pistes with 5 lifts. Kitteldalsliften is the longest ski lift with a total distance of 1120 m / 0.7 mi. There are many services in the resort like medical support, kids area, ski lodging and more.