Skiing in Mt.Crescent, Honey Creek, Iowa USA

Vertical drop:
300 ft/ 91 m
Ski school:
Night Skiing:
Mt. Crescent is located in Loess Hills of western Iowa. The fact that it is just at 15 mi/24.2 km in the northeast of Omaha, Nebraska, makes this place always busy.

A perfect winter deserves a perfect place to spend your holidays. So, make the right decision and visit Mt. Crescent as soon as possible. Here you can enjoy yourself in all fields. Start with the amazing sport of Alpine skiing and you will never regret it!

For your activity, the spot offers a top elevation of 1500 ft/457 m and a base elevation of 1200 ft/365 m. The ideal vertical drop of 300 ft/91 m guarantees an extraordinary experience. The terrain with runs reaching up to 2000 ft/610 m gives the opportunity to all ability skiers to enjoy the most challenging activity. There are 40% of trails for beginners, 30% for intermediate skiers and for those who are interested in something more extreme, 30% of trails are at their disposal. The resort also features 4 lifts with lift capacity of 3600 skiers per hour. Before you visit Mt. Crescent, get prepared for nights with temperatures below 20°F/-6.67°C. For beginners, private ski lessons are available. Full service rental shop with 1000 sets of modern ski equipment is also available to satisfy all needs.

Another point in Mt. Crescent’s favor, is the fact that you have the chance to exercise your favorite sport at night as well. Once the sun goes down, you can have some fun in the most impressive cafes, restaurants and accommodations that you find nearby.