Skiing in Loma de Dilar, Granada, Andalusia Spain

Skiing area :
105 km / 65 mi
Sierra Nevada's ski resort lies on the Veleta peak, in the Granada part of the mountain. Your starting point is Pradollano. From there, the first lifts take you to the main hub, Borreguiles, at about 457 m / 1500 ft above the main village.

Up the hill starts the Loma de Dilar track, which will take you to your destination. You can reach the spot either by foot from Borreguiles or by using the Jara chairlift from Pradollano and then the Monachil chairlift to the start of the track. Halfway Loma de Dilar track, you will pass the Sulayr Superpark on your right and Loma de Dilar on your left. Other tracks driving you to Loma de Dilar are the Poniente and the Penon de Dilar.

Since the setup of the Sulayr Superpark, it has been a worldwide spot destination for freestyle sports, with the biggest permanent half pipe in Spain and one of the best installations in Europe. There are a lot of extreme skiers who meet and practice their tricks here. Here it is located the beginner area of the Sulayr super park.

For the beginner blue painted tracks, there are two 5 m/16 ft snow ramps, 3 and 6 m/9 and 19 ft flat boxes, a 3 m/9 ft flat curved down-up-down-box, a 4 m/13 ft pipe and 6 m/19 ft up-flat-down box. There are also a lot of shops to buy, repair or even rent your equipment.