Skate Boarding in Robert’s Skatepark, Omaha, Nebraska USA

Urban elements such as ramps, stairs, quarter pipes, a grinding block and fun box.
Omaha is the largest and known city, the county seat of Douglas County in Nebraska, United States. This incredible city is located in the Midwestern United States on the Missouri River, approximately at 16 km/10 mi in the north of the mouth of Platte River.

When it comes to Omaha, we try to find the combination of words that will describe this amazing, full of life  and challenging place. This city is not famous only for its long history, economical development, a surge of notable people and unlimited sightseeing. A vital ingredient that makes this place always busy is the recreational opportunities that are readily available to everyone.

Robert’s Skatepark, which lies in Omaha, is a well-known skatepark with the best features for an exciting activity. It is a 1300 m² / 14000 ft² skatepark with concrete riding surface. The park includes some urban elements such as ramps, stairs, quarter pipes, a grinding block and fun box.

There is also a flat area transition into a snake run that empties into a 1.22 m / 4 ft width and a 2.13 m / 7 ft length bowl. At the entrance, you find two silhouettes of skateboarders, made by galvanized steel, which are dedicated in honor to the late Mathew Kress and Tommy Craft, campaigned for this skatepark.

The park is open during daily hours only, and while you skate there, you are kindly requested to adhere to the rules of the park. So, skate with caution, use helmets, bicycles and scooters are prohibited, alcohol and glass containers too. The admission is free and your adventure is the city’s highest priority!