July 18-July 20 All day

BMX contest in Cologne Kölner Jugendpark

Dirt, SuperBowl, Flatland
Amateur and Pro
Cologne is the forth largest city in Germany with a distinctive flavor and unique location as it is situated on both sides of the Rhine river. Widely known as one of the most beautiful cities in Germany, Cologne has a lot to offer to the extreme sports enthusiasts with a wide range of urban parks, activities and events.

BMX Cologne, is definitely one of the biggest BMX happenings in the world. Counting 30 years of presence in the freestyle BMX scene, it comes with a new name and fresh ideas for 2014. The event is taking place in the Cologne Kölner Jugendpark and will be held over the weekend from July 18 to July 20. Disciplines include Dirt, SuperBowl and Flatland contests and participation is open for both amateur and professional riders from all over the world.

"bmx cologne"

Facilities in the park include the Superbowl piste surrounded by stands, where fans can be close to the action, the Dirt piste with the most innovative dirt shape in Europe and Flatland, set in an original 80’s bumber car arena that will definitely be the optical and sporting highlight of the event. Camping within the area of the park is also available. For more info about accommodation, click here.

"BMX Cologne"

Doors open from Thursday to Sunday, from 10:00 to 22:00. For more info about the timetable of the event, click here.

Entry Fee: Fri. 10 €, Sat./Sun. each day 12 €, Weekend-Ticket 30 €. Get your tickets here.

If you wish to register in the event, click here.

Make sure you buy your tickets early and don’t miss the opportunity to visit BMX Cologne event and enjoy all professional and amateur athletes giving their best shots to impress the crowd and the judges.

See you there!