Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Sandend, Aberdeenshire, Northeastern Scotland United Kingdom

Recommended season:
Rocky beach
Sandend is a small fishing village in the north of Aberdeenshire, at 84 km / 52 mi away from Aberdeen.

The beach is covered with a deep layer of sand and it is suitable for water sport activities and kite-surfing in particular. The beach lies very close to Sandend village. Someone can kite-surf from April to October, as the winds are pretty constant in varying degrees, so here you will get a good sail most of the time.

If you prefer strong wind with minimum swell, then choose kite-surfing at low tide. The only reason to worry about is the rocky beach, situated in the vicinity of the harbor, so some extra attention needs to be paid by practitioners.

There are many B&B hotel offers at the location, in a variety of prices. You should bring your own equipment, as there are no shops for renting any paraphernalia, but there are restaurants and other places for shopping.