Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in East Beach, Ocean Springs, Mississippi USA

Rider Ability:
Water Quality:
Water type:
Shallow, Small Wave (< 1m / 3ft)
Wind Type:
Frontal Winds (quite strong)
Ocean Springs is situated on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, east of Biloxi. It has many cultural influences during the past 300 years of its history and also a fame as an arts community. Visitors can spend relaxing time in one of the many parks and green places. Ocean Springs is notorious for its white sand beaches that are ideal for any kind of water activity.

The Mississippi Gulf Coast has a 42 km / 26 mi of beach front, full of Kiteboarding/Kitesurfing launches. One of the most popular launches in Ocean Springs is the East Beach. The ideal spot to practice your kiting skills, when the wind is southeast, as it funnels up between Deer Island and the land. Due to the venturi effect, the wind is usually a bit stronger than on the front beach, but still ideal for kitesurfing across the bay to Deer Island and back. 

This sand beach is a bit narrow and the parking is quite limited, but it is a great place to perform all tricks and aerials, if you are using a board with bindings. Suitable for freestyle and freeride, East Beach allows all skill level kitesurfers to enjoy its waters, but you will not have the chance for wave-riding, as there are no wave breakers.

Remember to always check the wind forecast, as N, NE and NW winds are not suitable for kiting, since they are offshore winds. As most Gulf Coast beaches, East Beach is suitable for all year round kiting. So, don’t wait, take your kite, your board and glide on the sea.