Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Wasini Island, Shimoni, Coast Province Kenya

Wind Factor:
15-20 Knots
Located at 75 km/46 mi from Mombasa town and 45 minutes drive from the famous Diani Beach at the southern coast of Mombasa, Wasini Island is a marine lover's heaven, allowing for an absolute example between man and nature. Wasini Island allows one to see Kenya from a different perspective... no roads, no cars, no electricity and no running water!! The island is 5 km/3 mi in length and 1 km/0.8 mi in width.

Normally there is a mild south-west wind all year round getting stronger in the afternoons but again like most of the Kenyan coasts, the winds depend on 2 seasons, Kaskazi (Northerly) and Kusi (Southerly).

This paves way for kite-surfing in Wasini as an almost all year round activity!! Kaskazi season is the most reliable at this spot and it blows in from December to February with strong wind strengths of between 15-20 knots and weather is generally warm at 30°C/86°F. There is no need for wet suits but one needs to apply lots of sunscreen. It is advisable to use fin on the kite-surfing board.