Mountain Biking in The Goat Farm, Perth, Western Australia Australia

6 main
A great and well organized all level mountain bike park lies on the Perth's hills within Greenmount National Park, in the western outskirts of Perth in Western Australia. The park consists of the Skills Park with 6 main tracks and the Dirt Jump Track.

The Skills Park is the area where you can improve your skills (balance, speed etc.) through well designed test trails for all levels.

The main tracks are:

1) The Blue cruiser which runs for about 6km and it is the longest track of the park. It can be ridden by all levels of riders both clock and anti-clockwise.

2) Ball breaker covers almost 2 km/1 mi of an uphill trail which is technically rocky and sandy

3) Cannonball run is a mix of downhill and uphill parts for about 2 km/1 mi

4) Granel rash is a very hard -technically rocky- downhill trail.

5) Dugite bite which is a difficult downhill part and

6) 4X4 trail which is a fast downhill track great for gaining experience in jumps.

Last but not least the Dirt Jump Track, which is quite small but it can be interesting for all riders.