Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Findhorn, Moray, Highlands and Islands United Kingdom

Best at high tide
Medium (1-2 kn/1.8-3.7 kph)
Wind force:
Medium (16 - 25 kn/30-46.3 kph)
Findhorn is a rounded bay, suitable for many water-sports activities, including kite-surfing. Because of the naturally closed sea, the water is mostly calm with few swallow waves, so it is very friendly with beginners.

At high tide, the beach is shaped by pebbles and during low tide by sand. There is a great variety of weathers and wind directions, but a north west wind on an ebbing tide is the perfect combination for kitesurfing. Wind is mostly thermal, with medium force (16 – 25 kn/30-46.3 kph) and main direction NorthEast. Findhorn beach is ideal for Freestyle/Freeride. The currents may be usually 1-2 kn/1.8-3.7 kph but can be tricky so you need to be careful, especially if you are a newbie.

There are two pubs offering good food and the latter provides also accommodation. If you prefer more variety of choice, Burghead village is very close to the beach. Careful of sharp mussel, arriving from the river Findhorn and also the quick changing tides, which can catch you out, if the wind drops.