Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Isla Blanca, Yucatan Peninsula, Quintana Roo Mexico

Best Wind Direction:
Skill Level:
All Levels
Wind Speed:
Stronger than 13knots/24kph
High Season:
November to May
Annual Average Temperature:
Cancun is a large city situated in southeastern Mexico. It belongs to the municipality of Benito Juarez in the Quintana Roo Mexican state. It is actually at the point, where Mexico meets the northwestern Caribbean Sea. Cancun is one of the top destinations that travelers usually choose.

Isla Blanca is a popular spot to boarders. It lies on the northern side of Cancun. There are many reasons that make boarders prefer this area to practice their favorite water sport, kiteboarding.

First of all, it is a feasible spot to all experience levels. The really huge expanse of this shallow lagoon and its flat waters may convince the less adventurous to take some kiteboarding lessons too. Besides possible, but also temporary rainfalls during hurricane season, winds won’t be a potential obstacle, since you can kite-board all wind directions. However, for experts, the best wind direction is coming from the Northwest, North and Northeast. The wind speed is stronger than 13 knots/24 kph during the period lasting from November to May.

As for the weather, Cancun has a tropical climate. That means that weather is warm and humid with small temperature differences between seasons. More specifically, the average annual temperature is 27.1°C/80.8°F. The temperature of the water fluctuates from 26°C/78.8°F in winter to 29°C/84.2°F in summer.