Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Faliraki, Rhodes Island, Aegean Islands Greece

Waves size:
1-3+ m (3.28-9.84+ ft)
Wind strength:
Some of you have drunk a "'long island'" cocktail, a strong combination of five potations. It makes you feel free, a little dizzy, powerful, excited, ready for mystery games. For those who want something more, then kite-surf is a good choice. It represents the "long island'" cocktail of extreme sports. It combines aspects of windsurf, gymnastics, wake-board, surf and para-glide.

However, you need the right place, the right wave, a playful wind and the right bar. In Faliraki you can taste both cocktails. It’s located in Rhodes island in Greece, in the eastern Aegean sea. Rhodes is one of the most popular tourist destination in Europe.

It was well known for the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Faliraki is located at about 14 km/8.7 mi in the south of the town of Rhodes. It’s a cosmopolitan and well organized beach, that can give all you need.

Faliraki offers the right conditions for kite-surfing. The waves swell size is from 1-3+ m/3.28-9.84+ ft. The water tends to be flat to choppy, but you can get some good waves, depending on the wind direction. The wind blows from a variety of directions and they are best during the summer months. The wind in the area usually varies from 3 to 5 Bft. In Faliraki, there are kite-surf schools, in case you need. They can provide you with all the equipment and they can give you a piece of their experience.

You can find bars, restaurants where you can spend your free time with your company. Enjoy your favorite coffee under the sun, feel the fresh air, the happy people around you and live without stress for a while.