Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Alum Creek Lake, Lewis Center, Ohio USA

Best wind direction:
Wind force:
16 - 25 knots/30 - 46.3 kph
Best time to visit:
Spring, Fall
Average wind direction:
Average air temperature:
14 ºC/57.2 ºF
Lewis Center is situated in northwestern Orange Township, in Delaware County, Ohio, USA. It is an unincorporated community standing between Columbus and Delaware.

Ohio is a state that is not surrounded by sea. But despite that, you can always enjoy water sports on great lakes, such as Alum Creek Lake, located inside Alum Creek State Park near Lewis Center. It is an easy to find beach, containing everything a kitesurfer needs.

This public beach, is generally rated as good and is mostly suitable for beginners. Novice kitesurfers are not the only ones who can have fun here, as the spot is great for freestyle and freeride. So, if you are a more experienced kitesurfer, you can always either improve your skills or enjoy a nice session full of tricks. The water is murky with no currents and you will find sand with rocks on the bottom.

The wind at the spot is mostly thermal with a medium force and a main direction from the southwest. When it is blowing from the northeast though, being the best direction, it provides relative side on-shore winds, which make the spot perfect for kitesurfing. The best time to visit this awesome lake is spring and fall. In summer, there is a lot of thermal wind transforming the place into a pretty bad spot for kitesurfing.

At the scene, there are only a few surfers all week long, but be cautious of other water crafts. The thermals, the wind direction and the rare presence of other kitesurfers make it a pretty good kitesurfing spot, worth of trying.