Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Galu Beach, Kwale, Coast Province Kenya

Wind Factor:
10-22 kn/18.5-40.7 kph
Wave :
1-2 m/3-4 ft
Having earned itself the name "Maldives" of Kenya, Galu beach is situated at 5 km/3 mi away from Diani Beach. The spot is calmer than the busy Diani Beach and boasts an indigenous flora. The white sandy beach incorporated with the clear turquoise waters offers a perfect choice for an amazing beach holiday.

The beach space galore and offshore winds makes it a great kite-surfing spot. Galu beach is a convenient and safe for all levels of kitesurfing. For beginners the flat water within the reef allows for perfection and control while for the more adrenaline filled, the reef which is located almost at 800 m/2624 ft offshore, offers waves up to 1-2 m/3-4 ft.

The wind seasons at Galu are basically into 2, Kaskazi (Northerly winds) and Kusi (Southerly). Kaskazi blows from December  to May with winds on average 10-14 kn/18.5-26 kph in the morning and up to 16-22 kn/30-40.7 kph of warm trade winds in the afternoon. During the Kusi season, which kicks in from June to November, winds are much stronger and waves much larger and temperatures at this season normally would range between 24-28°C/75.20 to 82.40°F giving an ultimate kitesurfing experience.