Scuba Diving in Sharkpoint Bouye 2, Mombasa Marine Park, Coast Province Kenya

Maximum Depth:
55ft / 17m
Diving Level:
Open water Diving certified
Night Dive:
Mombasa Marine Park & Reserve is located along the east coast of Kenya. The marine park covers an area of 6 mi/10 km (around 2,500 ac/10.12 km²) and the reserve a massive area of 124 mi/200 km square (around 49,400 ac/199.91 km²). Since it is located close to most of all the touristic areas, its beaches are one of the most visited and a great deal of activities take place at the same time.

The Sharkpoint Bouye 2 is a little further south of the Shark Point 1 within 15 minutes boat ride. Located in the outer reef, it has a maximum depth of 55 ft/17 m with average visibility standing at 39 ft/12 m. It starts with a shallow shelf of 29 ft/9 m, then slowly descending to the 55 ft/17 m maximum depth.

After a smooth drift is a small cove in the reef where there is a resident wrasse, which cohabits with a giant moray. Water temperatures here stand between 24-29°C/75.2 – 84.2°F. Scuba diving is really popular here, but note that there are no definite departure hours. Some of the marine life expected is white -tipped reef shark. wrasse, sweet lip and moray eel just to mention a few.