Scuba Diving in Waa Wreck, Diani Beach, Coast Province Kenya

Maximum Depth:
Diani Beach in Kwale County, is located at 30 km/18 mi south of Mombasa town, at 45 km/27 mi away from Mombasa International Aiport and 5 km/3 mi from the Ukunda airstrip. The beach stretches at about 25 km/15 mi long, with a stunning coral reef and huge marine life. The pearly white sand blends into warm blue waters. making it a perfect spot for beach holiday!!

The HMS Hildasay sunk in June 1945 and it now lies down upside down in the sand at 22 m/72 ft. The wreck itself is not an interesting one, although the hull is completely covered in coral encrusting sponge and sea whips. It is a 25 minutes boat entry site and attracts a great deal of interesting fish.

Waa Wreck accommodates both the novice and expert diver with a maximum diving depth at 24 m/79 ft and visibility stands between 10-20 m/33-66 ft. Reef sharks are a common encounter. There is a reef nearby which is perfect for the novice diver and has a number of small fish species.