Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Ardersier, Inverness, Highlands and Islands United Kingdom

Sharp seabed
Best winds:
SW to W
Just outside Inverness, at 17 km/10 mi away, there is an area suitable for kite-surfing, called Ardersier.

The beach offers shallow flat water and although it is chosen by all levels of riders, usually the beginners flood the beach. The drawback of the beach is that waters are not so clear compared to the other local beaches, but due to the appropriate winds, this beach is being chosen by most of kite-surfers. Best wind to kite surf is southwest to west.

There are no instructors in the area so if you are inexperienced, then you should make an appointment with your own instructor. The only hazard is that the southeast corner of the beach is made up of shingle, so you must be very careful, as the sea bedding can be very sharp.

There are no facilities near the beach. There is a shop close to the village, but if you prefer more options for shopping and accommodation then you should visit Inverness.