Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Malindi Beach, Malindi, Coast Province Kenya

Wind Factor:
15 - 28 Knots
Wave Riding:
Yes: April - July
Malindi Beach, an oasis of calm and beauty, is located at 110 km/68 mi from Mombasa City. It overlooks the Malindi Marine Park while the coral garden in the park provides with an amazing flora and fauna. It offers a stunning marine life with amazing weather all year through.

During low tides, waves get to 3 m/9 ft high making it an ideal kite-surfing spot. Typical of the Kenyan coast, it depends on two wind seasons, that is the Kusi (Southerly) and Kaskazi (Northerly). Both the winds blow cross/on shore winds blowing at 15-28 knots.

Water temperatures range between 24-31°C/75.2 – 87.8°F. Stronger winds are during the months of June and August creating great waves and nice warm waters. Rainy season lasts a few hours and then stops allowing fine days for kite-surfing. Wave riding is also possible during the months of April – July.