Scuba Diving in Galu Beach, Kwale, Coast Province Kenya

Water Temperatures:
Having earned itself the name "Maldives" of Kenya, Galu beach is situated at 5 km/3 mi away from Diani Beach. It is calmer than the busy Diani Beach and boasts an indigenous flora. The white sandy beach incorporated with the clear turquoise waters offers a perfect choice for an amazing beach holiday.

Because of permitting water temperatures, scuba diving at the Galu beach is a 365 days activity!!!

The water temperatures are usually between 24-30°C/75.2-86°F with January-March being the warmest. The beach boasts an “unspoiled” coral reef and spoilt for choice with colorful underwater life. The dive depths at this location range between 8-40 m / 26-131 ft and are well within 10-30 minutes ride off the beach. One is assures of lively great hard and soft coral and diverse fish species during the dives.  To mention just a few, some of the big fish one is bound to see is the large eagle ray.

The giant moray and large grouper. Although scuba diving is on daily basis, prior booking is required ensuring all your needs are catered for.