Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Burghead Bay, Moray, Highlands and Islands United Kingdom

Best wind:
Burghead bay is a very long beach, extended from Burghead village up to Findhorn. This beach is ideal for kite-surfing.

All the characteristics of the beach are suitable for kite surf practicing and that’s why during weekends you will meet many kite surfers. Best condition to kite surf is when westerly wind blows onshore.

The beach is very shallow, thus ideal for beginners. If you have large fins on your board, be careful with the seabed. If you are an experienced kite surfer, the northern wind makes the sea choppy, suitable for extreme kite-surfing and long easterly-direction runs.

Facility wise, there is a harbor toilet on the beach and only one general shop nearby. As Burghead beach is situated easterly, when there is a northern wind there is a possibility to propel you to the harbor wall. The western shore is largely given over to RAF Kinloss air force base, but the shore is still accessible. The best access for enjoying the bay is either from Burghead, or off the B9089 north of Hempriggs. There is a picnic area, parking, and viewpoint at Findhorn.