Rafting in River Findhorn, Moray, Highlands and Islands United Kingdom

Catchment :
346 mi² / 896.14 km²
17.4 mi / 28 km
Drop gradient :
500 ft / 152.4 m
Findhorn river will give you a perfect combination of extreme white water rafting, as it is one of the most famous destinations, due to its massive drop gradient of 152 m/500 ft.

Findhorn River is one of the best white water rafting spots with fantastic surroundings and flow water that fits in every taste and level. This river is one of the fastest flowing rivers in UK, fed by 346 mi² / 896.14 km² of catchment. That is why it is preferable for fans to visit this place during summer, when the water is stabilized or alternatively during winter, when the water deriving from the mountains is frozen.

However, there is a local school that is one of the few in UK offering rafting activity all year round. The river is divided in four parts with a total of 17 mi / 28 km runaway. What is more, there is a dramatic drop gradient of a massive 500 ft / 152 m. As far as rafting is concerned, the sport is considered to be an extreme one and the minimum age of participants that schools will accept is twelve years old while the maximum one is open to be defined by you! The good news is that even if you are too young or you simply don’t want to practice rafting, you can walk by and follow the participants, as most of the rapids are approachable by foot and they are walking friendly.

Close to Findhorn River, there is Inverness city where you can stay in a variety of hotels and bed and breakfast, as well as joining other activities apart from rafting. Access is not a problem, as the spot can be easily reached by car or bus. Enjoy your weekends or weekdays with reasonable prices and maximum safety, as offered by local professionals on spot.