Surfing in Phingask, Aberdeenshire, Northeastern Scotland United Kingdom

Best visiting period :
April to October
Swell height :
1-3 m / 3.3-10 ft
Level of difficulty :
5 out of 10
If you want to find an isolated spot next to a busy remote city, then follow the road to Phingask for an extreme surfing experience...

Phingask is a small inlet, close to the village of Sandhaven and just outside Fraserburgh. The area is a quiet spot at all times, so if you prefer a more isolated and private surfing experience, this is the right place for you.

Having that in mind, there is a contrast to this story, as Phingask is located a few miles outside the famous resort of Fraserburgh. So you don’t need to worry about accommodation, where to have fun during day and night as well as food arrangement.

Best period to visit the spot is between April and October and the beach’s level of difficulty is rated 5 out of 10. The beach is a mixture of sand and rocks, which is why you need to be extra careful with the rocks at low tide. Weather conditions are expected to be almost the same like in most of northeast Aberdeenshire’s beaches. Additionally, surfers are expected to find blustery and breezy weather with wind direction to be strong northeasterly, blowing from the North Sea. However, try to catch up with south/southeasterly wind as this is the one that produces the best swells, offering you an extreme surfing experience.

Speaking of swells, they start to give a good ride from 1 m/3 ft and they can reach up to 3 m/9 ft, breaking powerfully enough from both directions left to right and giving you an average of 300 m/984 ft long. Phingask is a place that can be “all or nothing”, so check always the weather before visiting.