Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Philorth, Aberdeenshire, Northeastern Scotland United Kingdom

April - October
Maximum wave height:
2.5 m / 8.2 ft
Best winds:
South / Southeastern
Philorth is a village, located close to Fraserburgh and recommended for many water-sports such as kitesurfing. Expect great strong winds for extra powerful kitesurfing speed.

Philorth is a great place for many water-sports such as kitesurfing. The best period for visiting this spot is between April and October, like most places in the northeast of Aberdeenshire.

Geographical conditions here vary, the spot is mostly friendly for beginners and adventurous enough for the experienced ones. The beach is formed mostly by a thick layer of sand and due to its length, you will easily find your spot for a great wind kite-surfing experience. Very close to Fraserburgh, there are many amusement places close to the beach, places to stay and to eat.

Friendly enough for every visitor, Philorth is weather-wise a place with constant wind blow. What is more, you may find good swell size from any wind direction. However, some surfers say that the south and southeasterly winds will guarantee perfect swelling height up to 2.5m/8ft. Only hazard is that although the place is sandy, you should be aware of strong undercurrents.