Canoeing in River Findhorn, Moray, Highlands and Islands United Kingdom

Catchment :
346 mi² / 896.14 km²
17.4 mi / 28 km
Drop gradient :
500 ft / 152.4 m
Findhorn river will give you a perfect combination of extreme canoeing as it is one of the most famous destinations, due to its massive drop gradient of 152 m/500 ft.

Findhorn River crosses Moray Firth city, giving in to Findhorn bay. This is a famous destination in Scotland for canoes practitioners, since the spot is ideal for extreme canoeing, due to its rough water quality.

Findhorn river is one of the longest rivers in Scotland and it is considered to be a classic destination for canoeing fanatics. There is a bit of everything here, from mini gorges to open rural stretches. The River Findhorn makes an excellent destination for beginners, as here you can run rapids with safety, because of the inflatable boats. There are also put in and egress points at Logie Bridge and Daltulich Bridge, providing a nice range of distant options.

There is an organized school, which will offer you lessons, covering from beginner’s level to expert’s one. The riverside nature is awesome with many forestry parts, so after the end of your journey, don’t miss to scroll around and take a complete taste of the Scottish nature.