Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Cruden Bay, Aberdeenshire, Northeastern Scotland United Kingdom

Best winds:
Northeast to south
Rocks at the southern end
Along the 17.5 km/11 mi long coastline of Aberdeenshire, there is a great spot for kite surfing, called the Cruden Bay.

Cruden bay is located at 16 km/9 mi in the north of Newburgh village. The beach is 3 km/1 mi long and it offers swallow waters and sandy sea floor.

Because of the straight and rich sand, the beach is suitable for kite-boarding and kite lands-boarding. Best winds are north-east to south and you can access the beach via the wooden bridge over the river. Be careful when your activity is at the southern end of the spot, since there are rocks, which cannot be apparent to bare eye at high tides.

There are free of charge facilities to use, such as toilets and a car park. Accommodation can be found in the village as shops too.