Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Alum Creek Lake, Lewis Center, Ohio USA

Best wind direction:
Wind force:
16 - 25 knots/30 - 46.3 kph
Best time to visit:
Spring, Fall
Average wind direction:
Average air temperature:
14 ºC/57.2 ºF
Lewis Center is situated in northwestern Orange Township, in Delaware County, Ohio, USA. It is an unincorporated community standing between Columbus and Delaware.

If you find yourself in Lewis Center Ohio, don’t miss the opportunity to try some alternative sporting fun in the area, kiteboarding. Water sports are not so popular in Ohio, as it has no sea, but the ones taking place on lakes such as the Alum Creek Lake, will blow your mind!

Although the spot is mostly suitable for novice kiteboarders, even the pros can enjoy a nice ride on the waves, as the lake is the perfect spot for freestyle and freeride kiteboarding. The wind is mostly thermal and during summer it won’t allow you to practice your favorite sport. The ideal period to try your best kiteboarding is fall and spring, when the wind blows from the best direction, northeast.

Usually it blows from southwest with an average velocity. When the wind direction is right, it provides the best relative side on-shore winds. The beach is almost empty, you will only meet a few other water sport enthusiasts and some water crafts, so be cautious. The water is murky with no currents and you will find sand and rocks on the bottom of the lake.

Check the weather and if the wind is right, try a nice session full of jumps and fun, admiring simultaneously the beautiful scenery of Alum Creek State Park!!