Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Le Morne, Mauritius, Mauritius

20°10′S 57°31′E
Wind direction:
Highest point:
556 m/1824 ft
Le Morne is a wonderful destination if you are a kitesurfer. Accept the challenge and discover a mysterious force that rules the waves!

Kiteboarding is an exciting surface water sport that combines aspects of wakeboarding, windsurfing, surfing, paragliding and gymnastics into one single extreme sport. Kitesurfing is a special style of the well-known kiteboarding sport, which allows kitesurfer to ride on the wave by standards surfboards shaped specifically for the sport.

There are plenty of beaches on earth, that you can practice this extreme sport. However, we challenge every single one of you to have a try in one of Le Morne’s beaches, where great waves and winds rule the beach and island. Le Morne is a peninsula at the extreme southwestern tip of the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius on the windward side of the island.

It is highlighted by an eponymous basaltic monolith with a summit 556 m/1824 ft above sea level. The summit covers an area of over 12 ha (30 ac). Le Morne is surrounded by many caves and overhangs on the steep slopes and a lagoon that is known as a tourist attraction. It is also a refuge for two rare plants, the Boucle d’Oreille and the Mandrinette.

Most of tourists stay impressed by the beauty of the island and the mysterious force that rules the waves of the beaches. They can discover a whole new world in a little island, where kitesurfing is still important. Register for courses, admire beaches and touch the light of your dreams. Le Morne is a kitesurfer’s dream destination!