Snorkeling in Krakatoa Reef, Barra Peninsula, Inhambane Mozambique

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Inhambane is a city in the southern Mozambique, lying on the Inhambane Bay at 470 km/292 mi north-east of Maputo. Known as Terra De Boa Gente (Land of Good People), it is one of the oldest and prettiest settlements in Mozambique. The landscape surrounding Inhambane is dominated by vast coconut palms where an architectural atmosphere, rich in diverse history dominated the spot's character.

Krakatoa is an inshore reef that looks like a sunken volcano crater or caldera. Located at a 15 km/9 mi distance from Inhambane Town, the crater is 2-4 m/6.5-13 ft lower than the surrounding rock, making for a wall around the site.

The spot is rich in hard and soft coral and in the middle of the crater is abound by a number of rocky out crops between the sands, offering an amazing snorkeling experience. The depths here range between 14-18 m/46-59 ft with visibility ranging between 10-30 m/33-98 ft. You get to swim with the whale sharks to and from the Krakatoa site.