Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Barra Beach, Barra Peninsula, Inhambane Mozambique

Wind strengths:
12-20 Knots
Swells :
Inhambane is a city in the southern Mozambique, lying on the Inhambane Bay at 470 km/292 mi north-east of Maputo. Known as Terra De Boa Gente (Land of Good People), it is one of the oldest and prettiest settlements in Mozambique. The landscape surrounding Inhambane is dominated by vast coconut palms where an architectural atmosphere, rich in diverse history dominated the spot's character.

Barra Beach, located in Barra Peninsula and at 24 km/13 mi away from Inhambane town, offers an amazing kitesurfing experience. It boasts perfect east-northeast to east winds with clear small waves on a southeast swell around the sandbar. Barra is spacious and provides with ample space to rig up your gear, launch and land as well.

Waves range between 1-3 m/3.2-10 ft in height and allow long distance bump and jumping to free-ride. With its shallow, flat and choppy waters, the best months to kitesurf being from October to March on a northeast, east-northeast and southeast wind direction, ranging between 12-20 knots with the northeast being the prevailing wind, this place is just magical!!! The spot accommodates both the experienced and novice kitesurfers.