Snorkeling in Balmoral Beach, Mosman, New South Wales Australia

Maximum Depth:
Balmoral is an urban locality in the suburb of Mosman, at about 8 km/5 mi in the north-east of Sydney's CBD. Balmoral beach lies on the northern side of Sydney Harbor and provides with a number of local facilities, restaurants and cafes. It also offers a plethora of activities, such as surfing, sailing, diving and snorkeling.

It is a popular dive site amongst photographers, due to the abundant marine life. It is appropriate for novice or advanced snorkelers alike and it can be dived all year long. It is recommended to enter at the southern corner, dive around the shark net and follow it until you reach the shore on the opposite side.

Balmoral beach boasts a wide range of sea life – seahorse colony, cuttlefish, crabs, leatherjacket, pipefish, small octopus, yellowtail, old wives, bream and goatfish.

The maximum depth here is at 5 m/16.4 ft and visibility is pretty good during high tide. Water temperature is up to 21°C/69.8°F in summer and early autumn months and between 14-18°C/57.2-64.4°F in winter. The spot is protected from the ocean swell by Middle head, which makes it safe and easy for snorkelers.

Last but not least, it is also an excellent night dive, as many of the inhabitants of the bathing nets are nocturnal.