Snorkeling in Two Mile Reef, Bazaruto Archipelago, Inhambane Mozambique

Dive Depths:
The Bazaruto Archipelago is a group of six dune islands in Mozambique, namely Bazaruto, Benguera, Magaruque, Banque, Santa Carolina and Shell. The island complex is situated at 750 km/466 mi from Maputo. Known as the "Pearl of the Indian Ocean", the Archipelago is an island resort that hosts a protected and abundant marine life. The climate here is characterized by wet and dry seasons.

The Two Mile is a barrier reef, protecting a narrow channel between the southern high sand dunes of Bazaruto Island and the white beaches on the northern side of Benguera Island. This is a world reknown snorkeling site and promises a spectacular snorkeling experience.

The northern tip of this reef is half-way between the islands and follows a southern course opposite the Benguera Island, at about 4.5 km/2.8 mi east of its shores. At low tides, the reef top and slopes gently eastward.

Maximum depths here stands at 22 m/72 ft and the average depth is at 14 m/46 ft. Some of the marine life expected here includes barracuda, manta, guitar fish just to mention a few.