Scuba Diving in Praia Da Rocha Reef, Tofo Beach, Inhambane Mozambique

Dive Depths:
Visibility :
Inhambane is a city in the southern Mozambique, lying on the Inhambane Bay at 470 km/292 mi north-east of Maputo. Known as Terra De Boa Gente (Land of Good People), it is one of the oldest and prettiest settlements in Mozambique. The landscape surrounding Inhambane is dominated by vast coconut palms where an architectural atmosphere, rich in diverse history dominated the spot's character.

Praia Da Rocha dive spot is at 8 km/5 mi away from Tofo Beach in Inhambane and about a 20 minute boat ride. The site is characterized by vast huge boulfders all cut at the bottom, making up for the existence gullies and swim throughs which resembles a grotto. This is an off-shore reef dive, hence not affected by currents. However it can be affected by surge as the shore side of the reef is a rock face.

Diving here is not possible when a large swell is running. Dive depths here range between 10-15 m/33-49 ft with immense diverse soft corals and the existence of normal tropical fish. Visibility on the hand stands between 10-30 m/33-98 ft and the reef accommodates all levels of divers and fit for underwater photography.