Scuba Diving in Vuma Caves, Watamu Beach, Coast Province Kenya

Watamu Beach is located at 120 km/74 mi in the north of Mombasa and 28 km/17 mi in the south of Malindi, the nearest big town. The shoreline of this area consists of white sandy beach and offshore corals, forming three bays, namely Watamu bay, Turtle bay and Blue Lagoon. The bay is protected by a coral reef at almost 0.5 km off the shore.

Scuba diving the Vuma Caves is perhaps one of the most exciting scuba diving adventure to experience. The deep dark corners of the caves hide gigantic groupers that weigh 300 kg/661 lb …. now that is something!! This is a reef drift wall dive, accommodating the advanced diver. Diving depths stand at 20 m/66 ft with an average visibility of 15 m/59 ft.

The caves are below some shoreline cliffs at which you descend to a sandy bottom about 20 m/66 ft, swim along the reef for a while looking at the reef fish. You could as well catch a glimpse of some dolphins, sharks, barracudas if you look out into the deep sea. Once you enter the caves, you could come across groupers and snappers creeping at the back!! You can now then swim up a “chimney” and come on top at about 10 m/33 ft.