Scuba Diving in Wasini Island, Shimoni, Coast Province Kenya

Dive Depths:
5-32 m / 16-104 ft
Water Temperatures:
Night Dives:
Located at 75 km/46 mi from Mombasa town and 45 minutes drive from the famous Diani Beach at the southern coast of Mombasa, Wasini Island is a marine lover's heaven, allowing for an absolute example between man and nature.

Wasini Island allows one to see Kenya from a different perspective… no roads, no cars, no electricity and no running water!! The island is 5 km/3 mi in length and 1 km/1093 yd in width. Scuba diving in Wasini is spectacular given the diverse coral life, both hard,variety of reef fish and pelagic fish.

Accommodating both the beginner and experienced diver as well, the island has conducive weather as well. Water temperatures range between 26-30°C/78.80-86°F. From the months of July to September, the temperatures range between 24-26°C/75.20-78.80°F warming up from October through to April with temperatures between 26- 30°C/78.80-86°F.

Diving depths on the hand range between 5-32 m / 16-104 ft. Deeper dive sites at offshore bottom reefs are home to pelagic fish while the shallow end is home to beautiful pink corals and a variety of fish species. The spot is thus considered to be a perfect spot for macro photography. Night dives are also done when the sun goes down and offers amazing marine life that only appear in the night!! Some of the bizarre sea creatures to see is the changing colors of the octopuss, squid and cuttle-fish as they hunt. The night dive sites are conducted at depths of 12-15 m/39-49 ft.