Scuba Diving in Elmwood wreck, Grand Traverse Bay, Michigan USA

6.1-12.2m /20-40ft
Skill level :
Beginning to Intermediate
Grand Traverse Bay is a 32 mi/ 51km long and a 10 mi/ 16 km wide bay, divided in two parts by the old Mission Peninsula. The Grand Traverse Bay Underwater Preserve, founded in 2005, holds the wrecks of many ships lost in the area the previous years.

Among the identified wrecks is the Elmwood wooden fish tug. Yet, no information about her construction and equipment are given. The Elmwood is partially intact and can be found in 6.1-12.2 m /20-40 ft depth of water. She was reported to be entangled in a net from a fisheries research boat and was dragged from 24.4 m/80 ft depth of water to her present location.  

Though the bio interest of the area is poor, she is a site even for beginner divers, due to the close access, either from shore or by boat and easy entry to the vessel. Furthermore, the site is suitable for many open water training dives. Attention must be paid, because the area has increased boat traffic.