Scuba Diving in Kisima Mungu Reef, Diani Beach, Coast Province Kenya

Diani Beach is located at 30 km/18 mi south of Mombasa town, at 45 km/27 mi away from Mombasa International Airport and 5 km/3 mi from the Ukunda airstrip. The beach stretches at about 25 km/15 mi long with a stunning coral reef and huge marine life. The pearly white sand blends into warm blue waters, making it a perfect spot for beach holiday!!

Kisima Mungu is a long drift dive on a gentle sloping reef in an area where there are great currents, thus offering amazing marine life. The spot accommodates intermediate divers and is a 5 minute boat ride. Although it is not rich in coral, it is famous for sightings of rare marine species.

You may come across many ghost pipe fish, guitar rays, turtles and occasionally the white tips, lying at the bottom further out from the reef. Average diving depths here stand at 10 m/33 ft while visibility stands at 12 m/40 ft. Water temperatures stand at 28°C/82.4°F.