Scuba Diving in The Steps, Little Scrub, Anguilla

Dive Type:
Drift dive
Average Water Temperature:
Divers Level:
Ideal Period:
Spring-Summer months
Little Scrub is located on the northeastern side of Anguilla. Its capital is The Valley. Anguilla belongs to the Leeward Islands in the West Indies. Leeward Islands are situated where the northeastern Caribbean Sea meets with the western Atlantic Ocean.

The Steps are lying north of the island of Little Scrub. It’s a dive site more suitable for experienced scuba divers. That doesn’t mean that novices couldn’t give it a shot but some extra lessons will be required. You will absolutely need experienced instructors to guide you. The depth of this drift dive ranges from 6 m/20 ft to 27.4 m/90 ft.

The Steps provide with an amazing underwater rock formation including huge boulders. The imaginary arch that lasts for 1.5 m/5 ft will take your breath away. The rich marine life includes angelfish, yellow tail snapper, blue tang, nurse shark, barracuda, trumpet fish, rays, jewfish, tiger group and of course many kinds of colorful corals.

Unfortunately, you couldn’t enjoy this dive spot all year as it is weather dependent. Keep in mind that performing scuba diving during the winter months is not highly recommended. The temperature of the water averages to 25˚C/77˚F during the year. The underwater visibility is at its highest level during the summer months, so don’t miss to bring your camera for some underwater photography.