Scuba Diving in Wreck Dania, Mombasa Marine Park, Coast Province Kenya

Maximum Depth:
98ft / 30m
Wreck :
MV Dania
Mombasa Marine Park & Reserve is located along the east coast of Kenya. The marine park covers an area of 6 mi/10 km (around 2,500 ac/10.12 km²) and the reserve a massive area of 124 mi/200 km square (around 49,400 ac/199.91 km²). Since it is located close to most of all the touristic areas, its beaches are one of the most visited and a great deal of activities take place at the same time.

After a 30 minutes boat ride, and lying at 98 ft/30 m under, on the sandy bed of the Mombasa Marine Park is the MV Dania ship wreck, a 252 ft/77 m de-commissioned cattle freighter.

The ship was artificially sunk for wreck diving purposes in 2002. Visibility stands at 39 ft/12 m and diving here is weather dependent. The dive begins with a 82 ft/25 m descent along an accredited line to the bow to the bow moving towards the stern and engine room. Diving at this shipwreck is phenomenal with an amazing site of huge, shadowy hulk and abundant marine life. Explore the dark corners using an underwater torch and experience how it feels diving with strange tenants. Diving at this spot is not for the novice, only recommended for the expert diver.

Marine life includes Napoleon wrasse, big eye snapper and barracuda among others.