Scuba Diving in Mushroom Coral, Mombasa Marine Park, Coast Province Kenya

7-26 m/30-85 ft
All level Divers
Mombasa Marine Park & Reserve is located along the east coast of Kenya. The marine park covers an area of 10 km²/3.86 mi² that is around 2500 ac/10.12 km² and the reserve a massive area of 200 km²/77.22 mi² which is around 49400 ac/199.91 km². Since it is located close to most of all the touristic areas, its beaches are one of the most visited and a great deal of activities take place at the same time.

Mushroom dive spot is accessible by a 16 min boat ride and its name derives from the fact that there is a mushroom shaped coral head at the start point.

The strong current here makes it ideal for drift diving and the smooth bottom allows for the opportunity to explore a considerable area of the reef. Diving depths here range 17-26 m/30-85 ft. Diving here is open to all levels of divers.

Visibility is good with water temperatures standing at 27˚C/81˚F. Expected marine species include many snappers, scorpion fish and crocodile fish.