Scuba Diving in Port Giles Jetty, Yorke Peninsula, South Australia Australia

Maximum depth:
Skill level:
Port Giles Jetty is located close to Edithburgh in Yorke Peninsula. This is a long jetty which has an only shore diving access at the steps at the beginning of the jetty. It's almost impossible to make the end of the jetty and back to the steps again before running out of air.

Head back with a little over half a tank if you don’t want to swim your way back on the surface. It can also be done as a boat dive launching from Edithburgh boat ramp. If there are ships, you’re not allowed to dive it. That being said, this jetty is amazing, it’s extremely long and has lots of life underneath it.

There is a diverse amount of marine life living around the site particularly under the jetty with the pylons covered in sponges and soft corals. Conger eels can be easily observed amongst the pylons and numerous species of nudibranchs are also regularly sighted. It’s quite a deep jetty, with a maximum depth of 14 m/45 ft at the end with an average of 8 m/26 ft for most of the dive. The spot is recommended for amateur divers as well as for more experienced ones.