Scuba Diving in Malindi Beach, Malindi, Coast Province Kenya

10-35 m/33-115 ft
Water Temperatures:
Malindi Beach, an oasis of calm and beauty, is located at 110km/68mi from Mombasa City. It overlooks the Malindi Marine Park and coral garden in the park provides an amazing flora and fauna. It offers a stunning marine life with amazing weather all year through.

Although scuba diving is conducted during most months of the year, visibility is low during the months of July and August, due to silting and high seas. Scuba diving in Malindi is best recommended to be practiced during the months of July to mid November and  from March to April when visibility is at its peak.

Diving depths range from 10- 35 m / 33-115 ft with water temperatures ranging between 24-29°C/75-84°F. Boat rides to the dive spot normally range between 15-25 minutes. Some of the marine life expected include rhino morays, turtles, barracudas and whale sharks just to mention a few.