Scuba Diving in Aagot, Wardang Island, South Australia Australia

Maximum depth:
Aagot was a three masted square rig sailing ship built by Dobie & Company and was launched on 1 June 1882. She was wrecked on Wardang Island on October 11th, 1907.

Wardang Island, also known as Wauraltee Island, is a small island of 20 km²/7.7 mi² in the Spencer Gulf, at 11 km/6 mi in the northwestern coast of Port Victoria on the Yorke Peninsula, South Australia. The island serves as a natural breakwater, protecting the former grain port of Port Victoria from ocean currents. The waters around Wardang are popular with recreational divers because of the opportunities for wreck diving.

The Aagot wreck represents one of the eight wrecks identified in the spot, on the west part of the Wardang Island. The spot is part of the Wardang Island Maritime Heritage Trail. The wreck is located at 12 m/39 ft depth below sea level and is ideal for amateur divers. Check out the Maritime Museum of Port Victoria for artifacts of some early dives.