Surfing in Shanzu Beach, Mombasa, Coast Province Kenya

Wave Factor:
1m-3m / 3ft-9ft
Shanzu Beach lies along the shimmering waters of the Mombasa marine park and it is located at 30 km/18 mi in the northern coast of Mombasa town. The beach beach is environmental friendly and has moorings installed for any anchoring damage.

Although the climate is easy to take on all year through, the winds along the coast of Mombasa are determine by 2 major seasons, ie. the kaskazi and kusi.

Kaskazi (North – easterly)  normally lasts from march to October, November being the “rainy” period for this season. Kusi (South-easterly) is the more harsher of these two winds, and it lasts from April to September. During Kusi rain is expected in May and June however fine days can still be found. An average of 8hrs daily sunshine is quite normal. Surfing is one of the activities taken up at the Shanzu Beach and one is bound to get good surf for most of the year with double or even triple overhead barrels in July and August! Serena has a great beach and reef set-up.

The waves would get between 1 m/3 ft and 3 m/9 ft and sometimes they can be larger, therefore one might need to bring a step board. Although there have been incidents where sharks have been spotted  following big ships entering the harbor of Mombasa, it is still considered a great surfing place due to the coral reef.