Jet Skiing in Malindi Beach, Malindi, Coast Province Kenya

Best Season:
All year
Malindi Beach, an oasis of calm and beauty, is located at 110 km/68 mi from Mombasa City. It overlooks the Malindi Marine Park while the coral garden in the park provides with an amazing flora and fauna. It offers a stunning marine life with amazing weather all year through.

Malindi beach has a stunning collection of marine life and there is no better way to connect with marine life than jet skiing. Water temperatures are warm through out the year ranging between 28-31°C/82.4-87.8°F.

Explore the stunning Malindi waters and enjoy the flora and fauna while experiencing a sense of freedom and fresh air. Discover the hidden mangroves in this heavenly sea and in case you have the stamina, you can jet ski all the way to Mida Creek which offers amazing bird life.