January 16 All day

Xtreme endurance at Cyprus Ultra Marathon

Ultra marathon distance:
134.8mi / 217km
The time has come to get your maps out and look for Cyprus! A small island in the Mediterranean Sea, member of the European Union and host of the World’s Toughest Trail Running Race, the Cyprus Ultra Marathon!

This is a race unlike any other, designed to test the body and mind, driving both to their limits, while keeping it safe and enjoyable for all runners and their crews. Never ending up and down hills are what you should expect of the race location, in the Limassol mountain range of Vasa Kellakiou.

"Cyprus Ultra Marathon"

A highly experienced and dedicated team is organizing the Cyprus Ultra Marathon since 2012 and they are unstoppable when it comes to making sure you have an incredible and safe experience. There are four categories to choose from: the Ultimate Trail 4,3mi/7km race (75minutes cut off time), the Ultimate Trail 13mi/21km race(4hours cut off time), the Cyprus Ultra 31mi/50km race (10hours cut off time) and the ultra daring amongst you, the world’s toughest trail race, the Cyprus Ultra 134,8mi/217km with a 45hours cut off time.

Your fitness level and how much you train for such extreme race is important, but a strong mind, the ability to stay focused in extreme heat and good calorie intake & hydration during the race are key to complete it. Cyprus heat and humidity is not to be underestimated, not even in January.

Get ready for the Ultra marathon of your life; an old school ultra with a family feel, ran just 30 minutes away from the Mediterranean’s most beautiful sandy beaches. Join in and become a lifelong member of the Cyprus Ultra family and friends from across the world.

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See you there on January 16th, 2016!