Scuba Diving in Newhaven West Arm, East Sussex, South East England United Kingdom

Skill Level:
All Divers
Maximum Depth:
East Sussex is located in the south of England. The county enchants visitors with its scenic coastline, historic towns, and unspoilt landscapes. But that is not all, East Sussex also provides a great number of recreational activities for visitors and locals alike.

Newhaven is located at the mouth of the River Ouse. Newhaven West Arm is an interesting dive location, that lies on the south side of the city. To access the site, you can walk across the dunes of shingle from the car park to the beach or rent a boat from Newhaven marina, according to your own abilities. The average depth here is at 7 m/23 ft and the maximum is at 9 m/29.5 ft. Visibility is generally low, usually less than 5 m/16.4 ft long.

With rich marine life, a dive here can be very rewarding. Keep in mind that, the life that can be found, varies enormously during the year. In addition, Newhaven West Arm is suitable for divers of all levels. Furthermore, it is considered to be an excellent location for dive training. Note: watch out for fishing lines, as it is also a popular fishing spot.