Scuba Diving in Little Bay, Anguilla, Anguilla

Maximum Depth:
Dive Type:
Reef, Night Dive
Divers Level:
All levels
Bio Interest:
Little Bay is situated in the northern coast of the island of Anguilla. Anguilla, one of the northeast island of the Leeward Islands, is lying north of Saint Martin and west of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. The group is located where the northeastern Caribbean Sea meets with the western Atlantic Ocean.

Little Bay is a great dive site not really for its depth but for its marine life. The maximum depth is at 6 m/20 ft. Anguilla offers 7 marine parks with Little Bay hosting one of these. As the site is a nursery area for young fish, scuba divers will meet a plenty of little fish and lobsters. Grunts, yellow tail sanppers, blue tangs, parrotfish, barracuda, angelfish, trumpet fish and jewfish are some kinds of them. Many colorful corals complete this beautiful scenery.

Little Bay is a dive spot with really convenient weather conditions. In this area the sea is calm and generally protected from the winter storms. That means that divers may enjoy this water sport during all year. The temperature of the water is about 25˚C/77˚F. It’s an interesting dive spot for novices as well as for expert divers too. You should definitely try night dive at Little Bay, an amazing experience not to be missed by anyone who visits Little Bay.