Scuba Diving in Freshwater beach, Freshwater, New South Wales Australia

Maximum Depth:
Average Visibility:
Freshwater, also known as Harbord, is a suburb of northern Sydney. Freshwater beach is a sheltered beach break between Curl and Queenscliff.

This is the beach where surf was first recorded in Australia by the Hawaiian Duke Kahanamoku in 1914. Nowadays, there is a statue of the Hawaiian legend on the headland at Freshwater. The rocky headland at the north end is the Harbord dive site, providing a good shelter from northeast winds.

It is a shore dive with easy access via the channel next to the pool. The average depth of this location is at 10 m/6 mi and the maximum at 13 m/8 mi. The visibility is good, the average visibility rate is at 10m. Divers may come across with weedy sea dragons, huge blue gropers, some schools of king fish and octopus. With also a rich terrain consisting of overhangs, seatulips and sponges, this diving spot is fantastic experience for scuba divers.

It is best to book an organized dive, if you are visiting for the first time, due to the weather condition. This spot should be dived in northeast winds and no swell. It is a crowded spot, especially in weekends with families and surf beginners, so be patient.